A selection of our Irish Junior Champions

For a dog to win a FCI junior title he has to be entered in the junior class and be judge to of an Excellent type and placed first in the class. Over the years we have made up along with our owners over twenty corgis. All these Pembrokes were DNA tested or bred for it.

Milkyweys Cherryblossom at Balletcor Ir Junior Champion

Cherry flew in to us during August 2012 and during her time showing sh won four CACs and became an Irish Junior at the Coleraine show 2013. In the UK Cherry amassed 23 points for a ShCM and took a reserve Best Puppy in Show at one of her first shows.

Balletcor Porscha’s Equinox Irish Junior Champion,Celtic Winner and Celtic Junior Winner 2015.

Sally was out of our first tested DM / vWD litter with Startori Andreas and Ir Ch Int Ch Milkyweys Wildflower Ir Vet Ch, ShCM.

Sally was first shown in the UK under an American at the Bath CC show as a puppy and won her class.

Whilst on the Irish circuit she beat her mother and took four CACs in her time being shown but took her Irish Junior title beforehand in the early shows in 2015. 

Sally has had two litters, both with Ir Ch Balletcor’s Wonderous Collaboration. He first was the first litter of ours where we tested all the puppies for Degenerative Myelopathy. All pups were Vwd clear by parentage.

Out of this litter came two clears. We kept both and the boy Balletcor Ravenswood had a litter with a clear girl and one pup has been the catalyst for the improvement of DM bred pups in the working farms in Wales.  

Balletcor Olympic Victory Ned Jun Champion and Amsterdam Junior Winner 2018

Vicky is a younger sister to Amy and we decided to show her in The Netherlands under hander Diana Ramakers. Diana showed Vicky in Belgium and Holland and won numerous awards on the way. Unlike in the UK and Ireland Vicky came home with a wad of critiques all signed by the judges.

Balletcor Knight Crusade Irish Junior Champion (picture above shows Lenny at 6 months)

Lenny took to the world of showing like he was doing at a week old. We took him and his sister, Mother and Kennel stalwort to Amsterdam for the world show 2018. Like hs sister he was entered all three days in the Puppy class and these two were exactly 6 months old on the day. Lenny was a real trouper and won the Best Puppy in Breed two days out of the three and was best dog puppy on three. On the Saturday we had a Puppy group to enter and he strode into the biggest ring we have ever been in and the judge from Belgium didn’t stop watching him. He was called out in the final six and was awarded fourth in Group. The following week we were at the Killarney C Show and he took Bst Of Breed and his first CAC.

Lenny along with sisiter Lilly both won their Junior titles

Balletcor Monty’s Return Ir Junior Champion, Celtic Junior Winner 2015.

Monty, a direct younger brother to Merlyn qualified for Crufts at the 2015 Manchester show under Judge Graham Hill. He was second in his class at Crufts but in the months to come he would become an Irish Junior Champion.

Balletcor Silver Spirit and Silver Roses Ir Junior Champions.

Basil and Buttons were out of a litter with Rose’s and Raven, The litter was all DM carrier and vWD clear and related to Startori Andreas on both sides a 5 Gen who we believe to have what we call Dominant Testicle Gene.

There first show was at the 2017 October IKC CC show in Dublin. There they showed with me in the Brace class and to my surprise won at their first attempt in the ring in this challenging event.

Both won their Junior title in the following year.

Balletcor American Patrol Irish Junior Champion.

Amy seen here winning Puppy Group at Marlborough on one of her first shows.

Amy won her Junior Title along with four CACs whilst showing in Ireland. She also showed at the World show in Amsterdam 2018 where she wasn’t placed in a field of nearly 40 dogs. Amy is the mother of Lenny and Lilly.

Balletcor Gabriel Goch Ir Jun Champion and Nireno Live and Let Fly World Jun Champion 2012 and Irish Jun Champion

In 2012 we collaborated with the Nireno Kennel in Australia and I brought over from Germany Fly after her win at the worlds that year. She was regisitered in my name and she was shown in the UK and in the Republic of Ireland. Fly did the Munster run and after a slip up at the first show won the next first in Junior Class with an Excellent to become an Irish Junior.

She can be seen above with Balletcor Gabriel Goch who had already won his Junior earlier in 2012. The picture shows both corgis getting ready to show in the Brace class at the Limerick show by Caron McGregor.

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