American Ch Triple H Clover Hill Lunar Vortex to Balletcor

Winning and route to becoming an American Champion

We Approached american breeder Debbie Cox with hopes of finding a stud dog with experience and DNA tested for DM and vWD. We were in luck and have to thank Debbie and her team for letting us have Radar. We later went on to confirm his standing for EIC and the fluff gene and we have a stud who is clear for all four.

Making friends here with Princess Jasmine.

Radar was introduced to our girls and he can be seen here with Jasmine, sister of Prince in Japan. He must have really liked here because in the weeks to come Jasmine bore ten pups and the Xray of of those ups can be seen below

In the second litter of 2022 a Jasmine pup joined a Marshmere pup in Lisbon

We were approached by Dr Anna in Lisbon two years earlier wanting two pups not related. Not the easiest thing to do. The first came from friend Martin McNamara in Ireland and we supplied the second from Balletcor Princess Jasmine’s litter with Radar.

Offspring Rus RKF Ch Triple H Solar Satellite Rus RKF JCh

A Radar pup whilst still in USA that went to the Eastern block.

Below shows the boy treasured by April Paschall in NC.

Radar in show mode in the shows around his home of Virginia

Radar was one of three Pemmies ran on by Debbie Cox. One of the others became the youngest Platinum Champions. .

Finding Radar a courier

Not easy in the throws of the Covid Pandemic. We were fortunate to know and had worked with Robert Harlow and he forwarded the contact details for Blair who collected him from his home in Virginia and flew him out of Washington Dulles to Amsterdam where he was handed over to Chris from K9 Courier Services. After visiting a vet in Belgium for an EU Pets Passport. Radar continued through France and in to the UK at Dover and I caught up with the pair at Worcester. Our thanks go to Blair and Chris for organising the transport.

Winter of 2022 saw 2 Radar litters. The picture above shows ten in an xray

Xray taken at Fishguard Vets.

Best Junior in Show

Radars first litter here had a request on for a pups that could be shown and was DM and vWD clear and was to go to Singapore. Later that year Mickey was shown for the first time by a regular handler and was awarded Best Junior in Show at the Singapore CC.

Below are two pups from Radars litters in Wales and Ireland. Both are DM and vWD clear whilst the larger is also EIC clear and carrier for fluff.

October 2022 Ci Wexford enjoying the sights of the River Suir Estuary
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