Kim at Balletcor

Kim pictured November 2020


Dolina Skifrow Kim I’Lestik Batoxs at Balletcor


We are blessed to have Kim with us after her breeder Оксана Колюпанова agreed to send her from her home town of Tula in Russia Kim comes with a natural bobtail and possesses the Siggins line in her pedigree.

Kim was driven through Europe and I collected her on the 23rd of December 2018 in The Hooke of Holland and sailed back over night arriving home Chistmas Eve afternoon

Kim is DM and vWD clear and without testing a natural bobtail and bred from a tail / Bobtail mating.

Kim as of the Oct 2020 has not been shown due to the Corona Virus but is registered with the Russian, UK and Irish Kennel Clubs. She is turning into a scallywag and with our other youngsters has learnt to play.

Kim in the kitchen

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