Balletcor Silver Spirit Ir Jun Champion

Basil has joined our team of stud dogs with four DM clear pups to his name.


Balletcor Silver Spirit Ir Junior Ch

Born from a mating with Rosie and Raven we had a litter of six puppies. This litter was purposefully aimed at improving the health of the pups with the DM gene and father Raven being our first purposely bred clear male. Another aim was that all male dogs have two testicles. We learnt through breeding with Rosie’s Grandmother that there was a problem with the establishing, dropping and setting of the testicles before the root closes at 15 weeks. Problems can still occur if the pup is frightened before this period ends but if you know you have a problem then we believe it is best avoided through the better breeding. Through KC training and listening to show judges it is now clear that in the UK this is not a priority in the show world but it is ours. Under FCI rules all dogs must have a full set of testicles.

The litter was born 5 days early with one pup born dead at 125 grams (it was probably this which brought an early whelping) and we had to work with the remaining six with me devising a different feeding method which meant feeding every two hours and was very successful.

Basil and his sister Buttons were kept in the kennel and started showing at six months and both have been successful in the ring with both winning at least one group one puppy at open shows in the UK with Basil being shown that year at the Welsh Kennel Clubs Puppy of the Year.

Their first international showing came at the Combined Canine Clubs show at the IKCs Dublin arena where Basil’s extra coat and short length saw him down graded with an Australian judge but the following day he and his sister were awarded excellent’s.  On both days both were entered into the brace competition and it was the first time I had used them in this roll and they were placed first on the International day and second the following day.

The following show saw both win their classes with excellent and on the Sunday both were awarded the Green Star which was a big bonus to the start of their show career.     

Basil has now achieved 4 FCI CACs and has not been shown much due to other dogs in the kennel been shown instead.

Basil is now a father to a Balletcor Rhythm of Life litter where there where 6 puppies with all vwd clear through parentage and for DM four clear and two carriers.

Basil with sister Buttons at the 2017 Dublin Oct shows

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