The Girls

In this section of introduction there pictures of some of the girls who are the backbone of our early breeding and where we learnt so much of what we know now. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you.

Swinford Buttons at Balletcor

First ever Pembroke

Buttons was our first Pembroke and she came from a farm in Co Mayo, Ireland and was 16 months when we collected her. Her first show was at the Agricultural show the following day at Nine Mile Boris. Buttons first CC show in the UK was in the LKA show where she was placed fourth in a large entry under an all round judge. Buttons had three litters of which one pup became an Ir Jun Ch and Lance became an Australian Ch with the Nireno Kennel. It was with Buttons third litter that we started our DNA testing.

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Gemini Summer Special

First puppy born to Buttons and Salvinek Star Made.

Gemini became the source of our knowledge through the four litters she had. We were extremely fortunate to be able to bring in Startori Andreas from Ireland and he was able to overturn some of the problems we had with the male side of her breeding. Gemini now lives with our family in Northamptonshire along with Michael and can be seen doing agility. Gemini can be seen here taking Angel for a walk one cold morning.

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Balletcor Angel of Hope

Angel seen here getting ready to enter the show ring in 2012

Angel is the mother to our most successful showdog Merlyn. Angel had two litters but was retired quickly once we DNA tested every corgi we had. Angel was the girl who first introduced to Mrs Lee at one of the Exeter based shows. Angel now lives in West Sussex.

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