Team Balletcor with Harpers Bazaar.

In may of 2015 we were approached to do a photoshoot for a company wanting two Pembroke Corgi pups to put the finishing touch to an advertising campaign for hand held ladies bags. I can remember driving down having a delay before Carmarthen with a car fire and wet weather. Once past the Prince of Wales bridge we had baking hot sun making it essensial to keep the car cool and then a delay at Reading with a broken down car. It made us two hours late getting to inner East London.

Two little pups are we!

Two nearly identical twins take the photo shoot by storm by just being themselves. One now is in Lancashire and the other in Singapore.

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Enjoying a break

Harpers Bazaar advertising for that extra touch with Pembroke Corgi puppies with that chic handbag.

Two pups doing a one shot take, it was over in fifteen minutes. Here the picture shows one taken from the finish publication showing the two with a Anya Hindmarch kit kat bag. For more fashion treats check Anys’s webpage here

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Porscha having a luxury night out

Porscha and one with the little guy holding mums lead for her.

A night spent in the London Hotel of Montague in the Gardens off Russell Square June 2015. Following this we were met by some of our London owners and a good night followed.

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Want to hire a Balletcor corgi to advertise your products?

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