The Boys

All the boys at Balletcor are retained for their genetics, show ability and potential for breeding. Here is a piece of history from the foundation of our kennel and what we found when breebing. All Stud are genetically tested for DM, vWD EIC and Fluff with some having eye evaluations and hips scores. Here we show three and George because of his contribution to our breeding and knowledge.


George was our first bought in stud and he came from the long established Marshmere Kennel in Wexford. George became the initial foundation with pups from Gemini and Porscha. With Gemini he had two litters and it was those and two other litters Gemini had gave us the knowledge to know that George had what we call a Dominant Testicle Gene. It was his litters where all the dog puppies had testicles and could be found at three weeks. The two other litters with Gemini came through different dogs there all but one pup either had one or no testicles. Further work following genetics and breeding back and information in has cleared Gemini’s mother of the failure to have boy’s without and purely in the breeding of her father. Georges genes are now recorded at Aberystwyth University so one day the gene can be identified.

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Zac Balletcor’s Wonderous Collaboration

Zac is a carrier clear and was breed by a joint initiative between us and Mary Marshall of Michigan. We needed a dog that was not related to other other Amercan dogs and out of the litter Zac was chosen.

Zac is the father of our first DM clear puppies and is still a major part of the Balletcor breeding program.

One of Zac’s litter brothers is owned by Sandy Johnson of the Sunny Garden Farm kennel in Illinois and became an Am Ch at 17 months followed in time by Zac and sister Zoe both taking an FCI Champions title in Ireland.

Zac has recently had a long stay visit from a Canadian born girl residing in Scotland.

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Merlyn Balletcor Magicians Magic

Merlyn is our stable and most successful dog in the kennel being a multi champion. He has had litters in three countries and is currently with our friends in The Netherlands where he is not related to any girl there other than those he sired last time he visited in 2017. Then he took the Amsterdam Winners Title and BOB and CACs and CACiBs in The Netherlands and Belgium. At home, his first born daughter is pregnant to Lenny.

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