Hair Length

Hair or what is known as fluff in Pembroke Corgis


Hair Length (DNA marker tested – FGF5) Long-haired coat length is inherited as an autosomal recessive trait. Therefore, dogs that are carriers of the long-hair mutation will appear to be normal (short hair) themselves, but will likely pass on the long-hair allele 50% of the time. Breeds we are currently able to test include: Alaskan Malamutes Bullmastiff Chihuahuas Cardigan Welsh Corgis Dachshunds Dalmatians German Shepherd Dogs Labrador Retrievers Mastiffs Norfolk Terrier Norwich Terriers Pembroke Welsh Corgis Rottweilers Schipperke Shiba Inus Weimaraners     and

There was much talk about not using a Fluffy to breed with when we first came in the breed but the fluff is a condition and if you know the genetic make up of your dogs and you have a fluff clear you wont get a fluff in the litter. At Risk X Clear = Carrier. Problem is that the dogs developing DM are mostly fluffs or glamour coated. I know of only one very light coated fluff that we know to be DM clear.

In my opinion the fluff came from trying to get a bigger coat by breeders in the 1950’s and crossing a corgi with a sheltie. If you look at the American standard it says that small eyes and narrow snowt are undesirable features. Well that looks like a sheltie cross. This can also be seen in the old Welsh Corgi League yearly books of the 1950s and 60s.

Charles Darwin – Evolution of the species

Gemini on a agility course May 2019

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