More from our work with Lionsgate and the Queens Corgi

Arriving in Leicester Square

After driving down overnight and sleeping in the car in a central London car park we enter the square. The cinema had been advertising the film in Leicester Square.

Leicester Square entertainment

The event was well supported by Londons band.

The three at Digital Spy making a video

Three at the offices of Digital Spy making a video selecting the winners of The Womans World Cup and Love Island. All three were on their best behavior and be promted by strategicly left treats. Link to the video via my FB page

London Taxi for The Queens Corgi promotion

Merlyn and Brandy seen here enjoying a cuddle travelling between engagements.

Stars from The Crown

The party was advertised on line with the The Heart of London Business Alliance The two corgis from The Crown seen here with A to Z and family Their website being

Taking time out

Merlyn taking time out with the London band of musical troupers who brought the sounds of pagentry to the party.

Brandy and Merlyn

Brandy and Merlyn find another lap to sit on during their tour of London promoting The Queens Corgi .

Corgis with our friends in The Nederlands working on The Queens Corgi

Diana Remakers took the role of taking some of her corgis to the launch of the The Queens Corgi. At least one of these corgis is Stevie – one of Merlyns pups during his last visit. Visit Diana via FB

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