Overseas Balletcors

Our first ever Pembroke we sent overseas went to Australia in 2011. We can never forget our second that is when Paddington went off with Cynthia Lydon and now lives in Northern California.

We apply for all our export documents through DEFRA and we have had a BALAI for more than seven years. What ever we do here it is done having the knowledge to do it, reading all export requirements and liaising with the new owner making sure they have the right import documents. One thing new owners must know is that every country has its own import and customs requirements so read your own and know it when you collect the corgi from the airport. We do this with a passion and look forward to working with you.

Some of our corgis now living around the world.


Living in Bahrain

Harvey was the first to fly to the Middle East and lives in an Air Conditioned home with his friends. Pictures show Harvey enjoying the water and drying on the beach as a young pup 2014. Harvey’s parents are Porscha and George.

Email me: balletcorworldwidecorgis@gmail.com


Neptune – Balletcor Neptunes Thunder Ir Jun Ch

Neppy seen here in his owners car on the roads of Connecticut. Neptune went to be his owners best friend and he also took some bad habits by purloining biscuits from the table, but she loves him!”! Neppy’s parents are Gemini and George.

Email me: balletcorworldwidecorgis@gmail.com


Cilmieri Silver George

George joined his new owners in Singapore and can be seen here soaking up the sun on one of the local beaches. George has been approached for stud work being DM and vWD clear. George presently one of six Pembroke Corgis we have on the Island. George’s parents are Winnie and Lenny.

Email me: balletcorworldwidecorgis@gmail.com

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