Showing brace and team

Winning Team in Tralee

Zac and Zoe were joined by Amy to make a team follow in winning the Brace.

Christmas in Dublin

Zac and Amy coming second to an English brace of Spaniels.

The in the team at Tramore, Waterford.

Here Zac , Zoe and Amy take the honours in the Team event.

Dublin with Merlyn and Cherry

Merlyn and Cherry first in Brace.

A full team of four.

Seen here with Irish judge Mr Byrne are Merlyn, Cherry, Zoe and Zac.

Brace in Tralee

Zac and Zoe winning in a class of at least 18 quality brace’s.

2nd at the Fermoy International show

Porscha, Sally and Rosie walk the walk with ours team of Tri girls.

March 2019, Combined Canine

Lilly and Lenny pictured here in their first brace competition.

Limerick 2022, Munster run

Action picture of Basil Seren and Kim doing their walk. Here they came second. This followed Seren’s fifth win in Junior where she took her Junior title.

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