Slo Gr Ch Cilimieri Silver Mango Slo Jun Ch

Project send puppy to Slovakia

We were approached by Andrej Garaj and his family in February 2019 for a DM, vWD clear red and white bitch puppy. At the time we hadn’t got one and Andrej went on our waiting list. Later that year from a litter produced by Carwyn and Sian James from Winnie, Balletcor Silver Dawn covered by our Lenny, Balletcor Knights Crusade from a litter of eight, I was able to inform Andrej that such a bitch was available to them. Terms were agreed and travel arrangements followed.

First years showing results

We would like to share some of the Mangos results from last year. She achieves Junior Championship, and she is already on the verge of accomplishing Adult Championship. We hope that it will be possible for us to attend dog shows abroad to make Mango International Champion.

Our Results from last year:
City / Date / Result
Nitra 26.1.2020 – V1 CAJC, Best Junior of Breed
Nitra 17.7.2020 – V1 CAJC, Best Junior of Breed, BOS
Nitra 18.7.2020 – V1 CAJC, Best Junior of Breed
Nitra 19.7.2020 – V1 CAJC, Best Junior of Breed
Bratislava 22.8.2020 – V1 CAC, CACIB,BOB
Bratislava 23.8.2020 – V1 CAC,res.CACIB
Veľké Úľany 15.9.2020 (Special Dog Show) – V1 CAC
Veľké Úľany 15.9.2020 (Corgi Club Dog Show) – V1 CAC
Nitra 20.9.2020 – V1 CAC, CACIB, BOS

Group 1 end of year finish

By point tally, she becomes the best Corgi in Slovakia and 5th in the 1 FCI Shepherd dog groups.

Mango showing

In shade from the summer sun.

An early show for Mango showing promise

First time out taking Best Junior 26th January 2020 at Nitra.

A Natural from early on

Taking training seriously at home.


One of Mango’s certificates.

Class win

Mango taking a class win at a Welsh Corgi Club of Slovakia meet 15th September2020.

Summer 2021 becoming Slovakian Gr Ch
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