Who we work with and are part of the team.

Fishguard Veterinary Practice

Our vets are a major part of our lives and we chose the people who in the county had the best reputation. Through the years they have totally lived up to that name. Link https://www.fishguardvets.co.uk/  https://www.facebook.com/FishguardVeterinaryServices/videos/568974047181302

Amenbury and Horcrux

Home of Fiona and Bex Lee. First met at one of the Exeter based Open Shows when a voice said “Wow a proper corgi” and we have been friends ever since. Three Pembroke corgis now live with them. From two Balletcors and one from the first known UK litter of DM clears. https://www.facebook.com/people/Amenbury-Fiona-Lee/100007701135581  https://www.champdogs.co.uk/breeder/3770

Our Owners

Over the years we have built up a formidable group of owners who have suppported us by first having a puppy from us. Many have since come back for another puppy at home and overseas. The picture shows Luna on the idilic island of Gr Cayman. In our current breeding all the onwers know the health status of the dog and some have dogs which have become part of the breed pool internationally for Clear Clear mating.

The Kennel Club

The Kennel Club is instrumental all things dogs showing and breeding in the UK. All our litters are KC registered. https://www.k9news.co.uk/kennel-club-breeders-competition-finalists-to-take-centre-stage-at-crufts-2020/

The picture shows the Balletcor team of tr coloured Pembroke Corgis in the main ring taking part in the KC Breeders final 2020 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcCiCJAQ5HE

Limbonsnest Kennels

Limbonsnest has been breeding Pembroke Corgis for over twenty years and in based North of Amsterdam in the village of Akersloot. We currently have three corgis there with our Dutch Champion Merlyn is being required for stud. Merlyn’s DNA is registered with the Dutch KC.  https://limbonsnest.nl/

Marshmere Lodge Kennels

Marshmere lodge Kennels is based in Co Wexford and is run by Claire and Martin V McNamara. The Kennel has been breeding Pembroke Corgis for over 40 years and last year bred its first DM, vWD clear litter. The picture show Martin with Sue taking a DNA sample from a Marshmere girl. http://www.marshmerelodge.com/

Cilmieri Kennel North Pembrokeshire

This family of farmers, bought their first recent Pembroke from us. They have since had two litters and have really slotted in to the health side of corgis especially with their skills with breeding and showing cattle. The picture shows Sian and Carwyn swabbing their litter this year at four weeks after the microchips were implanted.

Therapy Dogs

One thing which we didn’t expect to happen all those years is to see some of the corgis we have bred turning into therapy dogs either for the owner or for the community like Java from Gemini’s third litter. We have now had pups going out and we know that these are to go and be trained for this purpose. Currently there are four in the UK and one in America.

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